School Counseling

North Callaway High School Counseling

North Callaway High School Counseling

Melissa  Head

North Callaway High School School Counselor

A+ Counselor

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Phone: 573-386-2211 choice  2

Sydney Ludwig

North Callaway High School Outreach Counselor

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Phone: 573-386-2211 choice 2

Marie Whalen

North Callaway High School 


Email Marie Whalen

Phone: 573-386-2211 choice 2 

Fax: 573-386-2403

Stephanie Horstmeier

North Callaway High School College Career Advisor

A+ Counselor

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Phone: 573-386-2211 choice  2

Middle School Counseling

I am Mr. Strough, your North Callaway Middle School Counselor.  I look forward to being a part of this community and help support our students. I am all about communication, so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Brian Strough

North Callaway Middle  School Counselor

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Phone: 573-386-3383

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Elementary School Counseling

Shelli Ryan

Shelli Ryan

Hatton-McCredie Elementary School Counselor

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Hi, I am Ms. Shelli Ryan. I have been teaching for 32 years. Twenty-nine of those right here at NC. I started as a PE teacher/Counselor in Keytesville, Missouri then, full time counselor when I moved to NC. I have coached softball and basketball and enjoy keeping score at Volleyball and Basketball games now for NC. You may have seen some of my better work as the traffic cone in the Hatton Car Rider line, but I have many other talents that I am happy to share!

Madelyn Horn

Madelyn Horn

Williamsburg Elementary School Counselor

Email Madelyn Horn


I am Ms. Horn, the School Counselor in Williamsburg. While this is my first year in the Burg, this is my third year as a Thunderbird. I have loved all of my experiences in North Callaway and I look forward to many more years here. When I am not a school I can be found on the Nintendo Switch playing Minecraft and Mario games, testing new recipes, or working on craft projects. Please let me know how I can best help you and your students!

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